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"We strive to be Anything but ordinary"


Katalin Antal Panayotopoulos, MBA, ACCP

We are committed to Develop Talents & Connect with Opportunity in Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Romania.

Arsis Global provides personalized services in Executive Search & Recruitment, HR Consultancy, Personal & Social Branding, Career Coaching.

Our specialist search service, ARSIS TALENT CLUB & Academy can source exceptional talent in CEE.

With our Global approach, We provide an All-in One HR Solution to Candidates & Clients!

The key to our life are the People, whether its private or business. People interact, motivate, create and innovate when they are understood, empowered, motivated, focused and clear about what it is what they want to do.

“I believe that our success lies in the fact that we provide a professional, personalized recruitment service in a timely manner.
I know my business and I know my team.
We are committed to your success. Your Success is Our Success!

- Katalin Antal Panayotopoulos, MBA, ACCP See My 3D Bio

Our Services


We create & provide customised HR & Business solutions. We believe that everything starts with You.
With our expertise and combined experience in business in CEE, we can help you, assist you to optimise your business and/or life successes.


Executive Search & Recruitment

The Real Human Value of the Organization.

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Business Consultancy

Market benchmarking & business consulting.

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Business & Career Coaching

Believe in yourself and success is achievable.

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Personal & Social Branding

Your Personal Brand, what differentiate You.

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Arsis Talent Club & Academy

Discover & Engage Talent in CEE!

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Our Way of working:

  • client focus
  • truth fulness & confidentiality
  • responsding in a timely manner
  • being respectful & constructive
  • performance based
  • trust is our foundation
  • collaboration & team work
  • being open & available
  • being conscious of the big picture but also noticing the small details

Our Philosophy:

  • contribute
  • have something in common
  • are inquisitive
  • grow from connection
  • seek value
  • act in their own interest
  • live from their perception
  • define their own integrity
  • have a choice

Our Clients - Define Our Success

  • She is a true professional that encourages you to find your true motivation and bring out the best

    "Katalin coached through the process of building my personal brand which, at the time, was a totally new concept for me. I learned so much from her as she is a true professional that encourages you to find your true motivation and bring out the best in your professional self. Always in the right mood, she has such positive energy that makes you feel good about yourself. I highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to develop their personal branding "

    M.V. Purchasing Director

  • Extraordinary experience of personal rebranding

    "A week ago I was lucky to have an extraordinary experience of personal rebranding with Katalin Antal-Panayotopoulos from Arsis Global HR Consulting and Rita Frei Wedding & Portrait Photographer. This is what we got as an output. Doesn't it look badass cool?

    M.V. Purchasing Director

  • Structured strategic thinker with articulated set of priorities

    " Katalin is a structured strategic thinker with articulated set of priorities. She is the one who knows the answer to the question "what would you do in 4 years from now". Smart. She would not mislead you with artificial kindness. Delivers on promises. Does not only what she likes. "

    L. GY. / CEO

  • Experience and knowledge is perfect to find the most appropriate employee for your organisation

    " Katalin's experience and knowledge is perfect to find the most appropriate employee for your organisation. She is absolutaley reliable, she always kept deadlines, also followed the professional development of the talented individuals she apponted, offered for us. Thank you for her assistance! "

    - K.B. Country Manager