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Wednesday, 31 May 2017 10:04 Written by


Does the amount of callback for your job applications decreasing or increasing?

Unfortunately it’s the fact, that by age getting into job interviews are not getting easier, especially for those who want to make a career change and or returning from a long sabbatical. There are ways to get around this and be competitive;

1. Talk strategically

When you talk about your work history, don’t talk about the “age”, your “years” , talk about experience, your achievements, highlight / “sell” how your experience can help the business to grow, to upgrade and to be successful.

2. Reshape your first impression - The way you contact, the way you present yourself, your CV

It can tell a lot, about how you contact us, the headhunters. Your email, your LI message, your CV carries your message, your brand. Your CV is the first impression, if we are convinced than we can invite you for an interview.

You need to keep in mind, that we see lots of CV’s and our average time spent on a CV is between 6.5 & 8 seconds. According to the study by, recruiters givs 60% higher score to a well written , focused CV. We like CV’s which are to the point, short and provide us the necessary info about your background in a limited timespan. Often we receive CV’s of 4-6 pages, these are the CV’s , which would come at the end of the “pile” to read.

We are interested about the WHO, who is the candidate, whether you have the right skills, the experience and the right attitude.

Your communication language is very important too. In today’s world, with limited time, we are looking for quick solutions and target oriented people. We are looking for the answers/solutions on the WHY and HOW.

3. Your Introduction – Your Unique Value Proposition

Often we find that candidates, who has solid experience, they are perceived as inflexible, slow to accept change, too expensive and resistant to report someone who is younger than them. The key to it is your introduction, your first impression, your first 30 seconds, describing who you are, the highlights of your career and your personal uniqueness.

You need to take advantage the opportunity when you are asked to talk about yourself , its your chance to shape the interviewers perception/impression about you . You need to build your intro speech with interesting facts – contributions, achievements, accomplishments, special hobbies, sport - , what makes you stand out of the crowd and position you

4. Your Presentation – How you are perceived, body language and your “packaging”.

Have you changed your hairstyle in the last 20 years? Have you changed the way you dress, are you feeling comfortable in your shoes? Do you feel that your style serves your professional long term target? Are you aware of your advantages and things, which are holding you back? You might need an outsider to show you a mirror and open up your secret/ hidden treasurers. To make you competitive even you are above 40 or 50.

It’s the time to open up, and let yourself to enjoy your power, your experience and BE YOURSELF. Dare to be Yourself!

5. Your focus on networking – The Power of contacts

We have seen so many cases, when the candidate loose contacts since he or she is too much focused on the job. You need to realize that in today’s digital savvy culture, you need to be able to be reached and be out there. If you are in the background, opportunities will not find you.

When you apply to jobs, you go out to the job market, you need to be creative and think about the other players on the job market, who are on social media even in their sleep. You need to adapt and be out there too, like LinkedIn, twitter and/or instagram. We do social media audit of the candidate, we need to see who you are, who are your friends, what triggers you. We want to see you as the whole package!

You need to adjust attitudes toward you.

You need to reach out to your network but first you need to build your network, especially your digital network. Are you reachable, can headhunter, HR people can find you? Do you present yourself as an expert in your profession to your professional network?

6. Love & Accept yourself – Awaken to your potentials!

Your attitude and presentation style will change immediately if you accept your past, your positive and negative decision and learn to move on. You will increase your confidence level, the moment you start to accept who you are and leave with your past and present yourself in a professional way. It’s a time for reflection and learn from your past and turn it to your advantage.

7. Embrace Change & Be ready for Change & Action

You need to be ready for change as time goes by, things are not really predictable. By now you know that things are not stable, life can be a constant change and if you embrace change, you can easier accept change and go with the flow by being positive and ready for action. Moving forward and getting into action is very essential to manage change and get the best outcome.

Especially when we talk about a job change, you need to work hard to be able to manage the transition, do your best to find a solution, be out there, be seen and increase your availability and accessability.


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